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How can we help you?

The home loan market is getting increasingly complex, more people are turning to credit advisers   for help in finding the product that best suits their financial needs

While loan officers work solely for a lending institution which offers only that institution’s products , your decision to choose a MFAA Approved Credit Adviser gives you the following benefits:

  • Shopping around for you to tailor your application to the    lender and product that suits your scenario.
  • Saving your time with the knowledge of range of lenders and their products.
  • Giving you a choice from a panel of lenders and guide you on latest offers & recommendations
  • Helping you see that there are products that may seem to offer a great deal but have hidden costs and also lack the flexibility you require in the future.

As Credit advisers we match borrowers to the right products and can negotiate a very competitive rate on your behalf

We do not charge you for our services but get paid by the Lenders for the business.